5 ways to avoid a parking ticket

March 23 2018 . BY Victoria Tennant

Been there. Done that. Each time you see that tiny, yet notorious, white slip on your dashboard the sinking feeling in your stomach is like no other. The feeling is a mix of rage, sadness, worry, and more anger. You feel confused. “This is a spot I can park in! I am filing an appeal!” Then you look up and see a sign “Permit Required.” 1. Use public transport whenever available. Better for the environment and your wallet. 2. Read Signs. Carefully! Just because the curb isn’t red doesn't mean it’s a go ahead! 3. Bring money, let’s face it most non-illegal parking isn’t... Continue Reading


September 4 2017 . BY Founder Shadrach A. Vaughn

It all started a few summers ago I just moved into my small cozy beach apartment and I was ecstatic to finally taste the beach life! It was a hot summer day and the beach was packed, cars were taking laps around the block and I was immediately thankful to see that I had my own parking spot. Mission Beach is definitely one of the more popular beaches in San Diego and a common "Daycation" spot for families. About a month went by and I saw a common problem for visitors- there was no parking. That's when I realized... Continue Reading